When Media Lies

The media is notorious for witholding the truth, making things seem far worse than they are. This embellishment can create a lot of problems and confusion for people who have never learned how to parse data properly. This media obsession with fear mongering and negativity comes from our innate needs to pay attention to negative things around us.

Most of the time, this is problematic. Many of the supplements for brain and physical health are similarly trying to deceive. Some of these are called nootropics and in this article, we’ll talk about the media lying campaigns that have duped millions of people across the globe.

Fear Mongering with Supplements

One thing the media loves to do is claim how safe a big box retailer is compared to the little rivals. These big box retailers like CVS, Walgreens, and even Wal Mart are so big and powerful that the media avoids looking at them whereas they put undue criticism on those companies that work on smaller businesses and have modest returns.

Even when media outlets have done this, revelations came up that the companies who were selling these supplements and nootropics were actually selling allergic materials or nothing at all. Your basic caffeine and theanine stack is easy to find from an online vendor and usually it’s pretty reputable. Go to one of these big box retailers and you never know what you’ll find… but the media wouldn’t have told you!

Fear works well within the world of supplements and just about anything. If you are taking nootropic drugs or any kind of supplements that influence the health of your body, it is a good idea to look at the real studies using NCBI instead of trying to go with second-hand information.

The best thing that you can do in order to get ahead is learn how to analyze this kind of information for yourself. After all, only the top nootropics are going to be the best way for you to achieve the optimal performance from your brain.

Parsing the Media in the Trump Era

Another big problem with the media during the Trump era are the politics and absurd aspects of the administration that are causing many people consternation. Even though there are several ways to avoid negative news, sometimes it is best to ignore it altogether.

With the changes that have occurred within the Trump administration, it makes sense that you would keep an eye on the FDA and other organizations that are changing, but the reality is, that is all negativity you don’t need.

The media lies on a wide range of topics not because they are malicious, but they have found the human nature in most of us that they can exploit. The results show that fear mongering is the best way to approach the situation so we must be vigilant to not allow ourselves to fall into those kinds of traps.

The Trump era media is even worse than it was before. Whether it is your health, politics, or any other topic on the news and in the media, it is best to learn things for yourself rather than relying on information elsewhere.